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Mission Statement

To provide safe, quality care for children in a non-judgmental, open environment that promotes physical and emotional development and learning through play.

Goals & Objectives

• Provide the highest quality of child care.

• Appreciate that every child is unique.

• Encourage programs to include children with disabilities.

• Encourage programs to include children with

diverse backgrounds.

• Recognize that parents and families are their children’s first

and most important educators.

• Understand that children are best understood in the context

of family culture and society.

• Respect the dignity and self-worth of each child and their family.

• Help children develop to their full potential based on

interactions that encourage trust, respect, self –confidence

and esteem.

• Strive to enhance children’s development with safe

environments, nurturing care and responsive


Why us?

We provide a loving, friendly environment for your child with very nurturing staff. We provide a morning snack, full lunch, and afternoon snack at our center. Our snacks and meals are based on the Canada Food Guide, and we promote healthy eating. 

We take pride in the fact that we have excellent communication, and open relationships with our parents. When a parent is trying to work on an issue with a child at home (ie. potty training), we work cooperatively with parents in order to ensure that we are following the same routine at the daycare that you do at home.

All staff are certified Early Childhood Educators.  

We have lower fees rate. Special discounts for families with 2 or more children.We help to do subsidy online too.


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